Dundee Elementary Music Department
Director:  Mrs. Annette M. Sauers
About the Director:
I am Annette M. Sauers.
I started in Dundee in 1997.  I taught 1st - 12th grade vocal music.  Now I teach Y/5 - 4th graders, and I love it.  I have my BA from Siena Heights University in Vocal Music Performance.  I hold a MA from EMU, in Vocal Performance.  I love to sing. 
I live in Palmyra, MI with my husband, Steve and two children, Brie and Marc.
Dundee Elementary Music Goals:
 Kindergarten :  Steady beat, singing and moving to music.

!st Grade:  Recognizing notes, solfegio singing, singing for pleasure, moving to steady beat.  Playing rhythm.

2nd Grade:  Play and recognize notes.  Sing solfegio,  play rhymically,  sing, simple composition.

3rd Grade:  Know note values.  Note names.  Sing with accuracy.  Simple harmony. 

4th grade:  Recorder study, (read and interpret music),  Instrument families (preparation for Middle school band.

Upcoming Musical Dates for 2017/2018 (Tenative)

December 7th
Kindergarten/Young 5's Christmas sing!  6:30 pm

December 14th - Elementary Choir

Feb 8th- 7pm  2nd Grade Musical

March 15th   6:00pm/ 7:15Pm  3rd Grade        Musical

May 3rd - All School Variety Show.​​​​​​​​​​​​
May17 th  - 1st Grade  ""  7 pm

May 8th - Elementary Choir​​